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Jane Bordeaux (2014)
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Hey, we’re Jane Bordeaux

Our story began around 2012 when an innocent country girl joined up with bearded rugged musicians from the city in order to play american-country-folk in Hebrew.

Two years had passed and the group formed as an acoustic trio. We traveled all around Israel and performed every bar and club that could fit a guitar, tambourine and a double bass. Songs were written, composed and formed until it was their time to become an album. We teamed up with the musician and producer Tomer Yeshayahu and recorded ten songs.

With the support from our wonderful audience who grew bigger from show to show, we were able to finance our debut album in a crowd funding campaign and released the album in a special intimate show at a photography studio in Jaffa.

Since then things started to roll a bit faster...

The first songs

We released our first single “Einav”!

At start it didn’t receive much attention in most radio stations, but we didn’t give up. We kept performing and exposing more people to the music. A while after we released our second single “Ech efshar she’lo”. The song got a warm welcome and was often played in various radio stations, it also paved the way for “Einav” and “Whisky” who became hit singles from the debut album.

"Ech efshar she’lo” earned the title “Most played song of 2015” in Israel and the album itself became a golden record. The songs got into the playing charts in Israel and into the hearts of people. It was a joyful and exciting experience, we had never dreamed this would be the way things would turn out.

Ma She’chashoov

We kept on working, more songs were written and we decided to record a second album, this time we produced it ourselves. It was a long but satisfying process and after a few months the album “Ma She’chashoov” was released in two big and exciting concerts in Amfi Shooni Binyamina.

We went out touring again all over Israel with songs from the new album. For this tour we were joined with Yoav Arbel on the drums and sometimes our country orchestra: Uzi Ramirez on the banjo, Avner Klemer on the violin and Sefi Tsizling on the trumpet. We performed in clubs from south to north and in many festivals and events such as Ha’tamr festival, The piano festival, Tzemach love nights and many more.

We cooperated with some amazing artists - David Broza, Alon olearchik, Shlomi Shaban, Alon Eder, Izhar Ashdot, Eran Tzoor, Evri Leader, Avigail Roz, Maor Choen, Daniella Spector, Geva Alon and Redband.

The road is wide open ahead, there are many places we haven’t been to and songs to be written. We hope to continue our uncompromising and creative way along with the loving warm crowd that is with us.

Jane Bordeaux





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